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Easter – A Celebration

Thursday, March 28, 2013 in Blog

I’m so excited about our upcoming Easter production – it is always a fantastic worship celebration of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It is a great day to bring family and friends that you want to see touched by the Spirit of God.  Music, drama, film and preaching combine to tell the story of salvation in a powerful way.

Many, many people tell me that loved ones will often come to this service when they would not otherwise darken the door of the church.  Once they’re here, the presence of the Lord can touch and soften them.

Isn’t that what we want?  People touched by the Spirit of God.  We are to be busy about the work of the Kingdom. To that end, we stay busy here at Family Worship Center, updating, upgrading and tweaking.  Does it work?  If it does – great, then let’s see how to make it better.  If it doesn’t, then we adjust it.   Ultimately, our purpose is to impact people for the Kingdom.

There are precious times that the Lord allows me to catch His heart for people.  He loves people so much.  That includes you!  And I know that if I want you to prosper, our Heavenly Father wants it so much more!

You are precious, you are valuable, you are loved!  Hope to see you often!

~Pastor Reggie