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February Letter From Pastor Reggie

Friday, February 1, 2019 in Blog, News

I trust you and your family are having a great start to 2019. I continue to pray that you prosper in every area just as your soul prospers! I see God at work in our church and in our families, and I believe He wants us to have a successful journey as we seek Him in all things.

Looking back over the years there are many principles and truths that we have held fast to as a church family. One of those truths is that God is a good God. I can tell you with certainty that we stand for this principle today more then ever. You can’t change my mind on the fact that God is always good! You can’t shake it from me, you can’t beat it out of me, and no one will ever convince me otherwise!

The easiest way I know how to explain this is to draw a line down the center of your life; if something is good, it’s from God. If something is not good, then it’s not from God. It really is that simple (James 1:16-17)!

That’s not to say we won’t have trials or bad things that may happen in life. Just know that those things are never from God, and even when we go through something that is hard we don’t have to face it alone. I am so glad we have a Heavenly Father that said He would never leave us or forsake us, and He’s always there when we need Him. Psalms 46:1 makes it clear, “God is our refuge and strength; a very present help in trouble.”

I am a firm believer that God can take something that was meant for destruction and turn it around for good! He’s always working on our side. No matter what things look like we can trust and know that God is always good. You can hold fast to that truth in every area of life.

Praying for you continually,

Pastor Reggie