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Jail Outreach Update

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 in Blog

We had a wonderful time as a church family giving Bibles and candy to all Polk County inmates this Christmas.  In one night we packed over 2,800 Bibles and over 1,800 pounds of candy as gifts for inmates of Polk County prisons.

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Over the past few weeks since we distributed these gifts we have had numerous inmates write back to us to share their thankfulness. Below are some of their responses:

“Thank you for your generous outpouring of kindness and gifts to me and my fellow inmates at Polk County Jail.  To us it was truly a Christmas blessing: the Pastor’s letter, so thoughtful and uplifting; the Bible, an eternal comfort and inspiration; finally, the candy, a welcome and pleasant surprise.  In this place where so often we experience little but sadness and despair, you delivered a reminder of God’s unconditional love and we rejoiced in the miracle of Jesus’ birth.  For this I am so very grateful.”  – Randy

“Thank you Family Worship Center for the Christmas package given to the entire Polk County Jail.  The gifts filled a lot of hearts full of joy and happiness.  Please give special thanks to those who took time out of their personal lives to be a part of this giving.  I am looking forward to visiting one of your services once my incarceration is over.” – Leroy

“Your gift meant a lot to me—it showed that people care”. – Carroll

“The Bible and chocolates were a pleasant surprise…the greatest gift was the Bible.  Now my two roommates can follow along with me as we are committed to reading 10 pages a day.” – Christopher

“You were the talk of the day for most inmates—not to put the focus on you, but it made me proud to be a Christian!!” – Nicholas

“The Bible is very special to me for I’m trying hard to strengthen my walk with God.  I know that God gave me a blessing today because I felt the love.” – James

“When I get out, I would love to go visit your church with my family and worship the Lord our Father.”    – Robert

“I could feel the love of Christ in you all.”  – Anthony

“My son, who is in South County Jail, was so touched by your thoughtfulness in bringing Bibles and candy to the inmates.”  – Elaine

“You have done a good thing here.  Please let everyone that was involved know it was appreciated.” –Peter

“I want to take a moment to thank you and your ministry for the wonderful blessing we here at South County Jail received.  The Bible alone is so much needed in all our lives.  In such a place as this, to see these guys smile and be thankful for something is uplifting.  God’s grace and mercy does not stop at the gates to places like this.” – Jay

We are continuing to minister to Polk County inmates. If you would like more information about the jail ministry, including how you can get involved, please contact Jason Haverkamp in the church office or at for more information.