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January Letter From Pastor Reggie

Sunday, January 1, 2017 in Blog, News

Happy New Year!  As we celebrate and move forward, I can’t help but think how good our God is.  Year after year He is always faithful, and this year was no exception.  We saw wonderful growth in many areas at Family Worship Center, and I look forward with great anticipation at what He will do in 2017.   

In our planning and preparing for this year, we have some really great things coming.  One of those I’m truly excited to share with you is the addition of an earlier Sunday morning service!  This service will be in the main sanctuary and will include our same great music, and feature the Streams message from Shawn Scarborough on video.  The second service will be just like our current Sunday morning service.

Both of these services will benefit from the same praise and worship, identical kids’ ministry, and our Cafe’ Mission in the main lobby, allowing for even more community and fellowship opportunities.  Our youth will continue to meet on Sunday mornings during the second service.
This new service will give people more options to attend one of our Sunday morning worship experiences.  This will allow us to package our brand of a Progressive Pentecostal message in two very similar, yet unique ways.  

With Streams moving to Sunday mornings, this gives us the opportunity to offer an elective class at 6:30pm on Wednesdays in the Joy Center.  This elective will host a different guest speaker and topic each month for those who prefer to attend this type of class.  

We are always looking for ways to improve and make things better, but most of all we want to reach more people with the Gospel and allow God’s presence to touch hungry hearts.

Bea and I are agreeing with your family that this will be the best year ever.  It is our prayer that there is more than enough in your house, just as it is in God’s house!

New Year’s blessings, 
Pastor Reggie