Family Worship Center


July Letter from Pastor Reggie

Wednesday, July 1, 2015 in Blog

We are having an amazing summer at Family Worship Center!

In the natural, summer is a great time to rest, take time off and go on vacation.
But spiritually we are to stay charged up and refreshed by the Lord! God not only calls us to be continually filled with the Spirit, but He is always ready to fill and refresh us in His presence.

I encourage you to make the most of this summer! In your resting, time off or vacation take the opportunity to stay charged up in your spiritual life. Spend time with the Lord in praise, worship and prayer!

I am so thankful for the many opportunities we have to worship. Our Sunday morning worship services have had such a wonderful presence of God this summer.  Then, Wednesday nights are packed with opportunities to be full of God’s word and the Spirit – in Communities and our Praise & Prayer Service. If you can’t tell already, I get excited about the fact that we get to worship!

As we celebrate our nation’s independence this month, it is important to remember that we are blessed with the freedom to worship.  God has placed us in this country for such a time as this, to stand boldly for Christ.
We must take the liberty we have been given to worship God and pray for our nation. I encourage you to use your freedom and set aside time to seek the Lord while celebrating our nation’s birthday.

This summer is a great time to experience God through His word and the moving of the Holy Spirit. Be filled and find more than just the physical rest you need.

Stay charged up in the Spirit!

– Pastor Reggie