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Letter from Pastor Reggie

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 in Blog

2014, Yes! A new year! A new opportunity to do what we’ve not done; and be what we’ve not been! But how? By grace. The Apostle Paul once said, “I am what I am by the grace of God.” The grace of God enables us to do what we cannot do, or be what we cannot be, in our own ability. Think about the ideas and dreams you have had, yet have not even gotten started on!

Why? Often times it’s simply a matter of not believing we can. And truthfully we cannot. At least we cannot without this ability called grace!

What was Saul before becoming the apostle Paul? He was a zealot with a wrong perspective! At one point he even became an accomplice to murder! He went about persecuting the very church God was establishing, and consenting to the death of these early saints; all the while believing he was doing it for God, until he had an encounter with Jesus!

“Saul, why are you persecuting me?” He replied, “Who are you Lord”? Jesus replied, “I am Jesus!” What changed Saul’s perspective? It was the moment grace came. It was the moment Jesus lovingly corrected Saul, who listened and became what he became, and did what he did through this wonderful grace I’m writing about.

When the Lord called Bea and me to sell our business and follow him, he also furnished grace to implement that dream. He sent buyers for our home, our business, many other supernatural miracles, plus direction for each step along the way! 

What’s the bottom line? When God gives vision, look for grace. God doesn’t give dreams without grace. That would be like getting a new car with no engine. The engine that empowers vision is grace. Again, Paul said “I am what I am by God’s grace”.

A new year! A new opportunity to do what we’ve not done; and be what we’ve not been, by grace through faith. So, let’s head out on this new 2014 journey together with faith in God’s amazing grace!

Let’s agree together Sun night, Jan 5 @ 6:30 during our special annual agreement service!

Believing with you for 2014 to be better, stronger, empowered!!!

Love ya,

Pastor Reggie