Get Involved

Get Involved

There is a place for you at Family Worship Center!  Music, visitation, kids’ ministry, hospitality, decorating, organization, security, ushering, traffic control,  technical, media, drama, crafts – you name it, there’s a way to be involved!  Organized or free, perfectionist or “doer”, all have a place!  The best way to feel a part of your church is to BE a part!

Team Family is the ministry that helps to connect YOU to the area where your giftings can be used.  See a representative at the Welcome Center in the main sanctuary lobby.  We would LOVE to connect you to Family Worship Center!

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                      WORSHIP AUDITIONS

To audition:

1.) Select the link below to download the resource files pertaining to the position you are interested in.

2.) Record a video of yourself playing or singing using the provided music within the download.

3.) Email your video to the address specified in the included “How-To” document.


INSTRUMENTS:                         VOCALS:

RHYTHM GUITAR                                  MALE VOCALIST

LEAD GUITAR                                         FEMALE VOCALIST