Family Worship Center

Made New

Made New

Dear Friend,

You just made the most important decision of your lifetime to follow Jesus!

I am so proud of you for your decision and I want to help add strength to your life. Here are some keys that will help:

· Spend time in God’s Word (the Bible) every day.
· Spend time in prayer (talking to God, your Father) every day. Always pray to the Father in Jesus’ name.
· Come to the house of God as often as it is possible for you. God’s Word is food to your real inner man, and the Spirit of God is the refreshing that “waters” the Word.

If you have not already heard from us, someone will be calling you very soon at the number you texted us from.

I am truly happy and excited for you, and please know I am praying and believing for God’s best in your life.

Yours in Christ,



Pastor Shawn Scarborough